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Profiles Incorporated

A Strategic Business Partner of Profiles International


Profiles International provides assessment solutions that help organizations select the right people for the right job and develop them to their full potential. Profiles International assist clients throughout all phases of the employee life cycle to enhance the productivity and performance of individuals, teams, and organizations.


Profiles International employee assessment solutions can help clients:

  • Screen-out unsuitable candidates
  • Match others with jobs that fit their inherent capabilities
  • Understand the strengths and limitations of successful onboarding
  • Identify opportunities to enhance performance and maximize their long-term contribution to the organization


The most expensive problems companies deal with today can be solved with a better understanding of the people they employ. Profiles International employee assessments provide employers with information used for hiring, promoting, succession planning, 360-degree feedback programs, management development, training, motivating, improving customer service, and other employment issues.


Over the past 20 years, Profiles International has served more than 40,000 clients. They are constantly working to improve and expand their products and services. Their research and development professionals anticipate market needs and respond to client requests by creating new products and developing existing assessments.