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Posted by Craig Palmer on November 30, 2021.

At Profiles, Inc. we have noticed a dramatic increase in the number of organizations hiring customer service personnel. This surge appears to be driven by a number of factors. One reason for the increased need is due to the higher number of people working from home and their off-site, online support requirements. Also, historically there tends to be a higher demand for customer service support over the holiday season. Lastly, we are seeing that as some companies shift back to working in-person again, there is an expanded demand for customer service support as businesses focus on growth and the ability to adjust, when needed, due to the pandemic.

So, how do we meet your customer needs, win their loyalty and differentiate your organization from the competition? At Profiles, Inc., we have Customer Service Profile assessments which provide information that customer facing organizations can use to attract and develop people with the traits and skills to excel in these customer service roles. Uses for the Customer Service Profile include:

  • Selecting, onboarding, and managing employees
  • General customer service positions
  • Tailored for specific industries such as healthcare, hospitality, retail, and financial services.

These assessments help companies maximize their brand recognition, minimize the cost of bad hires and deliver outstanding brand experiences that positively impact the bottom line.

Understanding what people buy will help you understand the value of the Profiles assessments. According to McKinsey: “Today’s consumers do not buy just products and services – more and more, their purchase decisions revolve around buying into an idea and an experience.” When you read this statement and think beyond the product, you come to the realization that it is the customer service which makes the experience so valuable. In the end, when there are so many products to choose from, customer service becomes the differentiator and can give your brand a competitive edge when done right.

At Profiles, Incorporated, we have been asking our clients who are searching for new customer service personnel “What key skills and behaviors are most important for your organization?”

4 key themes emerged as our clients provided feedback:

  1. Customer service needs to quickly establish trust.
  2. Customer service needs to be tactful and state a position without offending others.
  3. Customer service needs to be empathetic and demonstrate they can understand and relate to others’ situations and feelings.
  4. Customer service needs to be flexible and able to explore new approaches to doing things.

These behavioral traits, along with vocabulary and numerical ability proficiencies, will measure the candidate’s fit within a specific role. The other measurement is referred to as the Company Service Perspective and will help companies align internally with what their expectations and the candidate’s expectations of what ideal customer service is.

Does this sound like the customer service needs in your organization? Contact Profiles, Inc. today. We will customize a specific  Customer Service Profile for your organization, so your business can win customer hearts and loyalty, maximize brand recognition, and minimize the cost of bad hires.

Author: Craig Palmer

Profiles Incorporated provides personalized consulting to support the assessment results of your employees. We also provide in-depth training for managers to maximize the value of the assessment information and administrative training that allows you to take this information in house.

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