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Posted by Craig Palmer on March 25, 2022.

Today’s hiring managers have their work cut out for them. People are leaving the workforce at record rates, and many are in no rush to return. No industry or position is immune.

Good candidates are often scarce. With employee retention a concern for any organization, accuracy is at a premium. You simply cannot afford mis-hires.

There are ways to shorten the curve. Namely, behavioral data can help you identify the right fit for the right role. When you know what behaviors lead to success, you can hire with CONFIDENCE.

Using the PXT Select Comprehensive Selection Report the shaded areas represent the ideal range of behavior scores for this star employee.

Let’s say that we have established that we must have a person who enjoys a fast paced, multi-task-oriented work environment, is unassuming and diplomatic, enjoys a team environment that is collaborative and harmonious and does not like to be taken advantage of.

The key behaviors to review in the PXT Select Comprehensive Selection report to support the above-described profile are:

  • Pace
  • Assertiveness
  • Accommodating
  • Outlook

So how do we take advantage of Oliver’s data to determine how well he fits with our most important required behaviors?

Oliver’s Pace score is a 7 which FITS our model and suggests he is very active and results driven with the ability to juggle the demands of several tasks at once. If we wish to validate Oliver’s perspective, we scroll down to page 9 where there are 2 behavior-based interview questions to help us quantify Oliver’s perspective:

Describe a time when you and your colleagues were working toward an aggressive deadline. How did you manage your own workload? How did you help your team meet the goal?

We should be listening for how willing Oliver is to adjust his own work pace and help others achieve a team goal.

Oliver’s Assertiveness score is a 7. The ideal candidate has little need to have influence over others and instead is content to follow direction in an amicable environment. In this behavior Oliver does NOT fit the model and indicates he may wish to assert a stronger presence than is typical for success in this position. Now we want to understand if Oliver is able to temper or soften his level of assertiveness or defer to others when a situation calls for it? A great behavior-based question to determine Oliver’s flexibility is:

Describe a recent situation where you felt it was best to defer to others or not take action. What was the result?

Accommodation measures how people prefer to work in a group or team environment. The ideal candidate enjoys meeting the needs of others, even if it means suppressing his or her personal views and opinions. Oliver does NOT fit this model and may be less willing to compromise and let go of his perspectives than is typical for those most successful in this position. We now want to understand how willing Oliver is to compromise or work toward a team goal when they differ from his own goals. A great behavior-based question to determine Oliver’s flexibility might be:

How can conflict be a positive factor in the workplace? Provide examples from your own experience.

These behavioral interview questions can quickly confirm or deny your hunches. They are designed to answer a crucial question “Is this person who we think they are?”

No two interviews should be the same. Each candidate comes with a unique behavioral makeup, and if you are doing your homework, those behaviors should align with the target you have established for each role. The PXT Select makes the hiring process easier. Buoyed by scientifically validated research, our software gives you clarity throughout the hiring process.

Contact us at Profiles, Inc today so you will know the right job fit for any role and then nail that top talent hire by tailoring our behavioral interview questions accordingly.

Author: Craig Palmer

Profiles Incorporated provides personalized consulting to support the assessment results of your employees. We also provide in-depth training for managers to maximize the value of the assessment information and administrative training that allows you to take this information in house.

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