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Posted by Craig Palmer on October 30, 2023.

As the end of the year approaches, many organizations are thinking about their recruiting needs for 2024. I am often struck how ill-prepared most hiring managers are to recruit top talent. At Profiles Incorporated, we work closely with our clients to determine how our employee assessment tools, specifically the PXT Select, can ensure the leadership team at your company is selecting the right candidate for the right job, as well as enhance their performance.

The recruiting market is extremely challenging with roughly 50 million people having changed jobs in 2022, the current unemployment rate at 3.5%, and approximately 2 jobs available or each individual looking for employment. Throw into this mix the ongoing transition from the pandemic. Whether it be working from home, juggling a hybrid approach, or the ongoing desire for many companies to bring employees back to the office. Oftentimes, the result is an incredibly difficult environment to define your company’s culture and trying to wrap your head around what exactly top talent looks like.

Next, as you look at leadership development data roughly 30% of people in leadership roles are trained and qualified in those specific roles.  When you review leadership development programs, Recruiting is rarely listed as a needed competency to be considered a “good leader.”  We might suggest that the Recruiting competency in a successful leader may be the most important one. The candidates that leaders recruit determine your company’s culture and the overall quality of your business strategy execution.

Quality organizations are paying a lot of attention to culture during their hiring process. Recent research shows that the top driver of employee engagement is organizational culture. So, what is culture? Culture comprises the traits, behaviors, and approaches that are encouraged and rewarded. It includes the interpersonal and organizational dynamics that generally, do not show up in job descriptions but are critical to an organization’s success. Assessing whether candidates fit your company’s culture is a critical aspect of optimizing talent and getting the right people in place for your business strategy to thrive. Think about it, if someone is not aligned with your culture, how happy are they going to be working for you? How long will it take before they become disengaged and less productive?

So often hiring leaders focus on determining job fit solely on evaluating a candidate’s skills and experiences. They intuitively evaluate what they think their candidate will be like to work with and make an offer. Unfortunately, this cultural fit intuitive assessment is dangerous!

There are many people looking for a job that have good skills and experiences but likely will not “FIT” into your culture. As a hiring manager you need data to support your intuitive feelings about a candidates fit. The PXT Select will provide that data. This assessment technology will provide feedback about an individual’s cognitive abilities, key behaviors and work interests. This is the data hiring managers will need to optimize cultural fit and also provide feedback about how they will add to your organizations culture.

At Profiles, Inc we have over 30 years of helping companies and hiring managers optimize their self-awareness and hire the right people to optimize your culture and business strategy execution. Leaders, my advice to you is to optimize your recruiting competency with the PXT Select suite of assessment tools. Together we can get your company and hiring managers on the right path to successful recruiting, which in turn will strengthen your company culture. Give us a call today!

Author: Craig Palmer

Profiles Incorporated provides personalized consulting to support the assessment results of your employees. We also provide in-depth training for managers to maximize the value of the assessment information and administrative training that allows you to take this information in house.

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