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Posted by Craig Palmer on March 20, 2017.

By analyzing a real world example of a Profiles Sales Assessment Concurrent Performance Model Overview, we’ve shown over the last few articles how a company would utilize the data from our Profile Leadership tools to OPTIMIZE team interactions. To get more resources for executing assessments, read our case studies or lean more about our consulting services. We now wish to focus on the Accommodating Behavior to provide another excellent example of how to use this report to optimally execute and create a tension free environment for your audience.

sales_assessment_overviewThe Accommodating Behavior measures how a person prefers to interact in group or team settings. As you can see in our team example, 7 team members plus the team leader have scores of 4 or lower. These people with scores on the left will be willing to express their opinions and enjoy a debate in group and team settings. 5 team members have a score of 5 or higher. These employees with scores on the right are more likely to be comfortable with a more harmonious, consensus oriented environment. They would prefer minimal conflict within the Team.

By having this type of report available this leader will understand that his/her team will readily express their opinions particularly if they perceive the topic to be important or relevant. This leader must be careful NOT to express their perspective too early in the discussion. This may be perceived by the left oriented team members as “the answer” or solution. This may short circuit the debate which would not create the optimal environment for the left oriented team members.

This leader also would learn that they need to encourage the 5 team members with scores of 5 or higher to participate in the discussion and share their perspectives as the other team members may overwhelm them with their high need to debate.

As the entire team reviews this report, they would understand the dichotomy that exists in this team dynamic. Team consensus would likely be difficult to achieve because of the debate, opinionated orientation nature of a majority of the team members. Once the team understands the differences in perspective the possibility now exists for everyone to stretch outside their comfort zone towards the others’ style of communication. This will increase team efficiency and effectiveness leading to optimum execution by mitigating tension within this team!

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Author: Craig Palmer

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