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Posted by Craig Palmer on December 27, 2022.

Recently, I was listening to an interview with 2022 Nobel Peace Prize winner Maria Ressa. She was discussing the impact of social media on our society. Basically, she is saying that social media has been instrumental in fracturing society because it creates a forum where facts that are not true can be shared over and over and then become true. Facts that are true are shared over and over and are true. The problem is, we as a society now are unable to trust the facts. It is very difficult to know which facts are true. This results in making high levels of skepticism the norm. Maria says “if you don’t have FACTS, you can’t have TRUTH; without TRUTH you can’t have TRUST.”

I have been speaking with a few senior recruiters and talent acquisition executives recently, and realize that employers, employees and candidates are all searching for that ideal Job Fit. It struck me that Maria’s comments create valuable insights into our recruiting efforts as we move into 2023.

Job fit is defined as how well an employee is suited for a particular position based on skills, experience, values, how they learn, behaviors and interests. Establishing a good fit helps identify and place individuals in positions where they are likely to perform at their full potential, which in turn will increase their level of dedication and engagement with the job. With the unemployment rate hovering around 3%, attracting top talent is increasingly competitive.

How about some help for our talent acquisition folks! This is where Maria Ressa’s accurate FACTS =TRUTH=TRUST have application. The Profiles PXT Select Talent Management System can provide accurate FACTS about how candidates and employees learn, their key behaviors and key interests. Data that is collected with the on-line Profiles questionnaire helps our customers optimize their recruiting selections, assist with their on-boarding activities, and then use that data to coach and develop their new employees.

Once this data is collected, we will know the TRUTH about our candidates and employees, and are able to create that TRUST environment with the candidate and our existing employees. We will know the facts about how a candidate and our employees will truly deliver their skills and experiences to our internal and external customers. Imagine the impact a trusting work environment will have on the levels of employee engagement and employee retention!

Profiles, Incorporated is ready to support your talent acquisition efforts. We have over 30 years of practical experience optimizing Job Fit for organizations by helping our clients understand the people equation: people facts=people truth=people trust! Call us today to get started!

Author: Craig Palmer

Profiles Incorporated provides personalized consulting to support the assessment results of your employees. We also provide in-depth training for managers to maximize the value of the assessment information and administrative training that allows you to take this information in house.

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