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Posted by Craig Palmer on May 3, 2017.

We hope you’re enjoying this blog series on How to Execute with ANY Audience where we show a real world example of a Profiles Sales Assessment Concurrent Performance Model Overview and offer our consulting advice to team members on how each other might view certain situations. We looked at the Sociability, Attitude, Independence, Manageability and Accommodating Behaviors and gained a deeper understanding on how assessment scores to the right and left are not right or wrong but rather, show how close a person is to their comfort zone. Next, we’ll focus on the Energy Level Behavior to provide another excellent example of how to use this report to optimally execute and create a tension free environment for your audience.

employee assessment overviewThe Energy Behavior measures the way an individual is most comfortable completing the various tasks they are faced with each day. People with scores on the right are multitaskers. They are most happy with a number of “to do’s” on their list at all times. These people seem to always be looking for more things to keep them busy. It is difficult to fill up their plate or overwhelm them. People on the left are much more methodical in their approach to their daily tasks. They are typically patient and prefer to complete tasks before they start something else.

As you can see in our team example, the team, including the leader, is right center oriented. This is indicative of a team that is generally very comfortable juggling multiple priorities. Of particular interest on this team are the two people with a score of 3 and the one individual who has a score of 10. The two 3 scores might be thinking “Wow, don’t these people ever finish what they are working on? These people seem disorganized!” The 10 score would be feeling “Hey, this is not rocket science. What is taking so long to get this done? We have a lot going on and people need to do more than one thing at a time!”

By having this type of team report available, this leader can understand that the majority of their team is easily able to handle multiple tasks. He/She will note that the two more methodical people will be more comfortable with fewer tasks to manage and control the workflow to them accordingly. In contrast the 10 score can really multi-task and a good leader can create that type of environment for this individual.

As the team reviews this report and understands the range of scores, they will understand how to stretch outside their comfort zones to create a more “tension free” environment for the three people that fall outside the team perspective. By incorporating the use of the PXT Team and Executive Reports to accomplish this, all will begin to operate more efficiently and effectively resulting in Optimum Execution!~

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Author: Craig Palmer

Profiles Incorporated provides personalized consulting to support the assessment results of your employees. We also provide in-depth training for managers to maximize the value of the assessment information and administrative training that allows you to take this information in house.

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