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The Key Behavior That Separates True “A” Sales Talent from All Others

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I am recalling a conversation I was having as VP of Sales with our CFO who also wore the Human Resource hat with a young, venture capital backed, market development oriented, start up organization. We were discussing the need to hire the best sales talent, or “A” talent, that we possibly could. This conversation begged […]

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Understanding How People Make Decisions Using Profile PXT Assessments

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Oftentimes, our customers will tell us that when recruiting and working with current employees they are really interested in understanding how people work through their decision-making process. And, it’s one of the hardest characteristics to determine in an interview, especially when so many these days are virtual due to the pandemic. The PXT Select assessment […]

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How to Execute with any Audience with Thinking Style

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Over the past couple of months, we’ve focused on the Behavior section of the Profiles Sales Assessment Concurrent Performance Model Overview in order to show how a 12 person team might create a tension free environment by properly executing an assessment. Read all of the posts here! Let’s now focus on the Thinking Style section […]

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